Each therapist works independently, they are self-employed and insured under their own private indemnity insurance. LIFEHOUSE Therapy acts as an introductory service only. 

Each Therapist has provided proof of training, proof of their regulatory body (BACP or NCS), active indemnity insurance and proof of identification. This information is updated annually to provide best practice, regardless of this measure, LIFEHOUSE Therapy does not accept responsibility, a verbal and written contract will be provided by your chosen therapist. 

Associate therapists will have their own individual terms and conditions.  For any referral that is made, it is important to check on these contractual arrangements and to appraise yourself fully of all agreements and expectations between yourself and the associate therapist.  

LIFEHOUSE Therapy is not responsible for any issues that arise subsequent to an agreed referral.  Any concerns should be raised directly with the associate therapist or with their member organisation. 

Please feel free to email any questions or concerns to info@lifehousetherapy.