Facial reflexology

  • £35 - 30 minute session
  • £60 - 60 minute session

Katy Beck-Hill

Taking a naturally holistic approach using essential oils &/or facial reflexology, I will work with you to help balance & relax both your body & mind.
We will harness the power of essential oils to work within your personal situation. Your blends will be tailored to your needs, to help support you & your lifestyle. Aromatherapy can help you through long & short term issues, offering balance from nature to uplift, unwind or overcome in a way that hands you back some power.
Facial reflexology uses pressure to stimulate certain points on the face. It is a wellbeing treatment which allows your body & mind to relax & slow down. The aim is to realign & refresh your body, nourishing whichever aspects may be beneficial. I use aromatherapy oils in this treatment, tailored to you, adding to the effect you feel. A home treatment may be given to take away if beneficial. Half an hour or an hour treatments available.
The therapies I use are helpful for supporting you through times of anxiety, insomnia, stress, grief, depression, migraines & low self esteem as well as many more conditions. They are complementary, so I’ll never ask you to stop a medication or another therapy. They run alongside each other in a multi-assisted  approach.
I’m a member of the IFPA (International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists), AOR (Association Of Reflexologists) & the UK regulatory body CNHC.

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Clinical aromatherapy

£45 / session
  • 40-60 minute sessions